Snow Cheese Cake

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(WHOLE CAKE SOLD ONLY) – Picture is to show the inside of the cake

Not exactly a sweet tooth? Don’t fancy cakes that much? Snow Cheesecake might just be right up your alley. It is a cheesecake layered with cream cheese frosting and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Hence, the sweetness from the cream cheese frosting complements the saltiness of the cheddar cheese perfectly well. The clever combination of both main ingredients is suitable for people who prefer their cakes not overly sweet. Let’s not forget how elegantly and beautifully the cake mimics winter. Picture a cold morning in the endless green fields on top of a hill, you peep through the window of your cabin log and notice that snow has just started falling. The coziness and warmth of being wrapped under your blanket makes you feel drowsy. So you walk towards your couch placed beside the fireplace and lay down comfortably on the soft cushions. Slowly, your eyes shut close and you drift away into the silence of the surrounding. When you awaken, you walk towards the window once again and discover that the endless green field has turned into a white sea of snow. Untouched without footprints of animals deep in their slumber. What a breathtaking and enchanting sight..


Wheat, dairy, egg, cheese

Pickup date: 8-9th January, 2021

Pick up location: Sweetologist Co, Jalan Mendu. Google map link here

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Cake Care Instructions
Refrigerate upon receive as cheese cakes are best served chilled. Consume within 24-hours for best taste.

For more information, please whatsapp/call us at +6011 5500 6263


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