Chocolate Cake

Nothing says celebration more than a luscious chocolate cake. Be it hot, cold or served with or without ice cream, there is certainly nothing that compare to chocolate goodness. Best thing yet, you don’t just have to wait for special occasion to have chocolate cake! Why? We Kuchingnites, loves and can’t get enough of it! It is in fact one of the most popular flavor because of its rich flavor of cocoa and delectable sweetness.

The best part of chocolate cake is that it can be made with a variety of chocolate to suit different palettes and preference. Some loves it rich and dark with intense flavor, or moist and fudgy, and even goes well with fruits! That’s right! There is so many to choose from and sometimes we just couldn’t decide.

Here in Birthday Cake Kuching, we offer varieties of flavor such as Moist Chocolate, Chocolate Peppermint, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Cheesecake, Green Tea Latte (White Chocolate), Nutella Cake, Dark Chocolate Crepe Cake, White Chocolate Crepe Cake, and many more!

Now, what if you have too much of chocolate cake and there is still a leftover, how should you store and keep it fresh all the time like your first bite of fresh chocolate cake when you just got it?

Chocolate cake usually last for several days in a room temperature but due to our weather in Kuching, humid and hot, cakes just don’t last long and it may even grow mold. Yucks! So, we have no choice but to store it in the fridge, but you don’t want to have dry or stale chocolate cake after leaving it in the fridge for a couple of days which is a big turn off. To prevent that happen, you just have to wrap the whole cake with a plastic wrap to avoid moisture loss or dry cake and store it in an air tight container to protect it from absorbing any weird fridge smell. With sealed and proper storage, it can usually last up to week!

Someone’s birthday coming up? And you know her all-time favorite is Chocolate Cake? Worry no more, you have come to right place with so many choices of chocolate cake we have to offer! Be it big, tall or wide and custom decorations or even comes with special gifts such as flowers, hampers, etc, we do it all!

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