Cake Delivery

Delivery Times

Unlike commercial bakeries that crank out cakes everyday and leaving it in the fridge for maybe days, we bake our cakes by order so it stays fresh (no preservatives). So what is the downside of baked by order? We are less likely to be able to delivery cakes to you on the very same day or the same hour that you ordered.

Our typical eligible order and delivery time is as follows:

  • Premium cakes: 4-5 days after payment confirmed
  • Crepe cakes: 4-5 days after payment confirmed
  • Cupcakes: 4-5 days after payment confirmed
  • Wedding cakes: minimum 1 week after payment confirmed
  • Balloons, flowers: 24 hours in advance after payment confirmed

You do not have to remember the delivery times as every single product you purchase, there will be a delivery date and time you can choose and you’ll be able to see the closes time you can have it delivered.

Do not be discourage though, if you really need a cake by the day you order, please contact us/whatsapp us at +6011 5500 6263 and we can recommend whatever cakes we are doing on that day for you.

Delivery Services by Ourwits Runner Service

Just click and wait for your cake! We provide delivery service within Kuching area and a little farther out. Just enter your postcode in your cart or checkout page to see the fees. Alternatively, you can also do self pickup.

Delivery service will be handled by professional runners from Ourwits Runner Service. They have been in the running scene supporting business to do delivery especially in this unprecedented time.

We deliver everyday (except Sundays) as early as 9am-10pm but there will be additional charges pass 6pm. You can see the fees at the product page.

But what if you want to delivery on Sundays? No need to worry, we are here to help you realize your surprise. Just select Saturday and write us a note in your order contact us/whatsapp us at +6011 5500 6263