Partner Terms and Condition

To become our partner, please read the terms and condition below

  1. First 5 sales off the website will be free from commission. Partner earns the full amount as our gratitude and welcome gift.
  2. Minimum partnership period is 6 months. 2 months in advance notice must be issued before dissolving the partnership.
  3. Partner products advertised must be placed online with us for at least 3 months before taking it down.
  4. Products placed with us must be available for order for at least 3 months.
  5. There is a vacation mode for partners in your dashboard. If you are unable to sell due to being out of town, please inform birthdaycakekuching admin.
  6. Cakes are up to your pricing. However delivery fees will be adviced and discussed thoroughly with birthdaycakekuching admin as we have been doing this for years and we have a better understanding of the delivery fees.
  7. By default, back-to-back order will be set to 4 days in advance (not including Sunday). What this means is, if a customer orders your cake on Thursday, he/she can only choose a delivery date on Tuesday onwards. (You can play around with the delivery date in the products area to understand more)
  8. If you have ready stock cakes that can be send on the day itself that will be the best. Please do update the admin.
  9. The ready stock must be consistently available throughout 3 months with us to avoid misunderstandings with customers.
  10. Commissions are 15%-20% depending on the product. This can be discussed with the admin.
  11. The payments will be received by birthdaycakekuching and distributed out to partners weekly.
  12. By default, delivery/local pickup of cakes will be borne by partner unless stated otherwise.
  13. Birthday Cake Kuching have the rights to change the terms without notice.