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The Why?

Kuching is rapidly turning into a high-tech modern society. Just a few years ago when we started, there was no one providing food delivery service, and now on the road, you will be able to catch one or two delivery companies on their sturdy motorcycles zooming along, looking for the address, swiftly passing through the jam.

Kuchingnites are getting very comfortable buying online, young and old, they shop online, they whatsapp to make orders. How do we know? We are getting orders and inquiries both on social platforms and orders directly from our website!

So what does this mean? This shows that cakes and other desserts are also good to go selling online but why can’t lazada or shoppee do it? Now that’s for us to know and for them to never find out. We’ve broke the code, we are the only established company in Kuching able to sell cakes online at a state scale.

Join us and be part of the online cake riding wave. It’s time to reach out to more audience and for you to focus on the cakes. Let us do the advertising and marketing for you.

You can read the simple terms and condition here.

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