Father’s Day

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Father’s day in Kuching falls on 16 June 2019

Father’s deserve the same recognition as mothers as well. They have sacrificed their time and energy to make sure his family is fed and there is a roof over their heads. Sometimes to the point where he has nothing left for himself.

Despite the hardship, most men do not express their stress or to share their burden with anyone else making them take the task on their weary shoulders all alone. If this is not the definition of a humble superhero, I do not know what is!

Fathers are superheroes in their own right. Taking on any task to keep their family comfortable with very little recognition. This year do not miss out! Show them the care and love they deserve!

Send them a surprise delivery if you’re not in Kuching for Father’s day. If you are, we can delivery the gift to you in secret and you can surprise him at the end of your dinner!

HURRY! Stocks are very limited and father’s day is around the corner.

We also provide surprise delivery or normal delivery to your dad for! If it is within Kuching town area. Do key in the postcode to find out if you’re we deliver to your area. Or you can whatsapp us at +6011 5500 6263 to find out.

Closing order is by 13th June 2019. Limited stock only!

You can choose from any 3 flavors depending on what most daddy’s like:

  • Coffee Cupcake (yes! with real coffee)
  • Mocha Cupcake (coffee and chocolate)
  • Chocolate Cupcake