Toddler Birthday Cakes

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According to the old ancient Chinese custom, babies who reaches one month old will be celebrated with a ceremony where translated from Mandarin term which means “Full Moon”. In the ancient times, parents of the baby will hold back the proclamation of births until babies turns one month old as it is strongly believed that the young ones who crossed the threshold were likely to live on as the newest member of the family. Although in the modern era, situation has changed with advancement of modern technology and medicine, but the tradition is yet still practiced by people. Gift packs were often given to customers who attend the ceremony. These gift packs reflects the culture and tradition of families. For Chinese cultures, inside the gift pack we could find two red eggs, two pieces of ‘ang ku kueh’ (significance of longevity), pickled ginger, nasi kunyit and chicken curry.

Red eggs symbolizes new life where the color red is associated as good luck. The shape of the ‘ang ku kueh’ indicates whether the baby is a baby girl or a baby boy. A tortoise shaped kueh intricate that the baby is a baby girl while a round and plain kueh intricate a baby boy. Nasi kunyit, the yellow glutinous rice represents royalty and greatness. While the chicken curry represents a perfect complement of the nasi kunyit that there will be meat on the table on every meal. It was believed that the gift packs would bring prosperity to people who has one. Sometimes, pickled ginger (thinly sliced ginger pickled with vinegar and sugar) were also included in the gift packs. Pickled ginger is believed to expel wind, which keeps the body warm and it reflects recuperating mothers who has a strict diet after giving birth to a baby.

As for celebrating 1 year old birthday, the food served will have to be as simple because mostly it will end up scattered on the floor. As for birthday cakes, it is essential that a grand, wonderful birthday cake is prepared. Mostly in Kuching, customers would order fondant cakes with favorite cartoon characters of the baby. Sometimes parents would prepare another few types of cupcakes and cookies to serve everyone on the event.

In the old ancient Chinese era, most families are unable to afford cakes as they areway too expensive to help celebrate so instead they used gifts such as red eggs, “ang ku kueh”, nasi kunyit and etc to represent their wishes. However as the western culture slowly takes over the mindset of people, cakes become the very commonly prepared by people.

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