Do You Know Birthday Cakes?

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We celebrate birthdays to signify how long we are here on this earth and as often than not, with birthday cakes along with presents and gifts for the special occasion. The origin of having a cake on their birthdate can be found mainly from western countries while in the east, they have a different way to celebrate birthdays (eg. Eating hard boil eggs, or mee sua).

There was a time where birthday cakes were only exclusive to customers who are wealthy and for those who can afford to celebrate their birthday. The industrial revolution nowadays successfully helped customers to be able to afford cakes or materials that are cheap so that customers can buy ingredients themselves and make their own cake.

Today, all around the world, birthdays are celebrated in different ways and styles. But one thing that a birthday celebration can’t do without is a birthday cake which is always design to reflect one person’s personality, style and statement.

Did you know?

The birthday cake carries a significant meaning during ancient Greece where worshippers of Artemis, the moon goddess would bring decorated cakes with lit candles to the temple as an offering. The cake would represent the moon and the candles to carry the wishes of the worshippers to the goddess.  In other cultures, for example pagans, they believe that the candles on the cake have the ability to grant wishes to those who blow out the candles.

In Kuching, birthdays are celebrated by people in a multitude of ways from birthday parties, dinners and many more. It is more significant when a person reaches the age of 18 or 21 where one is deemed as an adult. Regularly, a birthday song is accompanied with the blowing of candles on the cake after making a wish.

Birthday cakes today has evolved over time as technology and materials for cake making progressed. A few examples of classic birthday cakes includes Victoria sponge cake, chocolate fudge cake, princess cakes, and caterpillar cake. Instant classics such as cheese cakes, fruit cakes or chocolate cakes are also a treat to all as always. While on the other hand, several trending cakes such as fondant cakes, drip cakes and ice cream cakes are popular nowadays. Fondant cakes are popular nowadays as it intricate designs of a cartoon or movie character on the outer layer, the fondant icing covering the inner part sponge cakes.

As years passed, candles becomes another addition where it means a candle was placed on top of the cake each year of their life which represents years to come.

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