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    Whether you have a design in mind or you don't, we will give FREE consultation based on your requirements to get you the perfect cake for any occasion
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    Not in Kuching? No Problem, we offer not only deliveries but also Surprise deliveries.
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    We create each product with best quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy your every occasion.

Chocolate is an integral part in most of our lives as much as it has been in cakes. BUT what sets us a part is the different experience and …

Kek Lapis

Layered Cake originated from the Borneo Islands. Comes in beautiful colored patterns. TIP: notice the layers of each cake and how …

Chinese New Year

The lunar new year is upon us. Free your time in the kitchen or jam while shopping by getting your CNY cookies and other bite sized cakes. 

With it’s simplistic design yet premium taste, cakes here can be prepared in 2-3 days. Forgot that a birthday is coming up? No worries! Theses cakes are …

Crepe Cakes

Unlike the usual moussed/sponge-based cakes we usually have, crepe cakes are actually cakes crafted by crepe skin layered up to 20-30 of them! …


Bless the ones that created cheese and those integrated them into cakes. Cheese is such a versatile flavor that you can make an infinite type of …

About us

What started out as a personal homemade cake business has now grown to a partnership with several homemade cake enthusiast and bakeries/patisseries. This is to cater for different and unique request from our customers locally and internationally. There is no way to cater to every request if it was only one person so we partner up with quality bakers in their specialized field to give the very best and fulfillment to our loyal and new customers



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