Fondant Birthday Cake

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Fondant is incredibly popular over the past years. It became popular in the 16th centuries and it is also known as frosting. The term icing was used in the 16th centuries which resembles Marzipan, where it as a substance, was paired with sugar paste. Fondant icing requires time and patience to learn about its color dye, sculpting, and the methods to roll the fondant. Fondant icings could be rolled, cut, shaped, sculptured and molded with the skills of a skilled baker. Masterpieces are mostly created with fondant icing.

We have various types of fondant which includes rolled fondant, poured fondant, sculpting fondant and gumpaste fondant. Unlike modern fondant icing, in early stages fondant were just warm liquid that small sized cakes were dipped in it. Fondant icing has a very strong sugary taste and flavorings were often added into the warm fondant liquid. Sometimes, bakers would add marshmallows or other frosting ingredients to mild the sugary taste of the fondant liquid.

Benefits or pros of fondants are that fondant cakes are that they are really beautiful and photogenic cakes. Skilled bakers can actually play around with endless designs of the cake and people would be talking about the cake for ages. Options of sculpting the design is endless from wedding cakes to Halloween party cakes. The 3D designs of the cakes is what attracts most. Fondant cakes are stable and easy to be transported. Fondant cakes can hold up much more stress and bumps than other cakes during the transportation of the cake. Customers would always mess up frosting cakes and buttercream cakes during events so fondant cake has become the majority choice. Besides, fondant cakes holds up much better heat than buttercream cakes in room temperature or in air conditioned rooms and it seals the moisture and freshness of the cake. Here, in Kuching, customers often orders fondant cakes for special events such as one’s 16th birthday, 21st birthday and bridal cakes.

Cons of fondant cakes includes the flavor of the fondant icing, which tastes unusually sweet and to some extent, it will overpower the flavor of the cake. Fondant icing are made out from sugar and hydrogenated oils which makes them incredibly stable. This adds up to the weight of the cake which is heavy, and only dense cakes can be used to support the weight of the fondant. In addition, fondant cakes are expensive than normal cakes.

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